About the e-calendar

The e-calendar features either a 260mm or 300mm LCD touch screen. It has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology and connects wirelessly to sync with Microsoft Outlook, Android and other accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. You can even update your e-calendar from your phone.

The systems and settings can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences; from colours to possible displays on the screen saver. The user can even choose between calendar layout and style. A huge colour range from satin to metallic means that the e-calendar suits any home, office and personality.

What sets the e-calendar apart is it's unique (patent pending) wall mounted screen charger with innovative cable hidaway that tucks the cable neatly into the rail. With dual plug in points allowing the e-calendar to charge both when in the rail and also straight from the power cable. After the 10hr lithium ion battery is charged the e-calendar just slides off the wall bracket and can be placed on any flat surface using the built in A frame mounted on the rear.

Other possibilities

Other possibilities for the e-calendar include co-workers or friends being able to update the users e-calendar through online software. For example, if the user has allowed access to their employer he/she could upload important meetings directly to the users planner.